Most Popular Musical Instruments

What are the most popular musical instruments in the world?

If you want to know about instruments that are commonly used in many places worldwide, according to some surveys, the ten most popular are the piano, the guitar, the violin, the viola, the cello, the electric guitar, drums, the flute, the clarinet, and the piccolo.

One reason the piano may be so popular is it works so well with a variety of musical genres. Experts use if for country, rock, pop, jazz, and classical. You may even have a favorite player who does your kind of music on the piano. A good player can play several chords in harmony, creating a pleasing sound. Because a player only has to use his or her fingers, and occasionally a foot, is not as tiring as some other instruments. For instance, one may tire more quickly playing a trumpet.

Guitars are also very popular, with the instrument being more recognized than any other in some areas of the United States and Western Europe. As with a piano, a guitar is used by those who want to play many types of music including country, blues, folk, rock, mariachi, tejano, and others. Another reason for the popularity a guitar may be that a novice can learn to play many chords in only hours. There are also many kinds of sounds one can play including loud, soft, harsh, loud, and tender.

Electric guitars are especially well liked in popular music. They can be used to create a wide variety of styles and sound. In the 1930’s an electric guitar was a necessity for jazz fans, and it is popular to this day in rock music.

Violins have been around since the 1500’s. Because of their versatility and beautiful sound, they are popular throughout the world. Modern orchestras usually use 24 violins.

The viola, which is similar to a violin, but slightly larger, is popular throughout the world, though not quite as popular as a violin. Bach and Mozart were both experts at playing the viola.

Cellos are popular with both composers and fans alike for the deep rich sounds they make. The instruments especially became popular because of the cello portions of compositions by Bach and Beethoven.

The popularity of drums has been increasing in recent years. Many just consider playing the instrument to be fun. Some believe one reason the instrument may be popular is that parents told their children to stop making so much noise when they played drums as children.

Two instruments a player blows into are very popular—the flute and the clarinet. One reason the flute is popular is that if a student learning to play can master the basics, he can make a pleasing sound quickly. Another reason is the notes on the instrument are the same as on a recorder, and many have played a recorder as a child. The clarinet is popular because of its warm sound. It is also often featured in a band, and a lot of good music has been written for it.

The piccolo has continued to be popular and is often used in chamber or solo music.

There are many instruments that are popular in certain areas, including the tin whistle in Irish or Celtic music, the Cajun triangle, the bodhran, a type of drum, in Irish music, the sitar in Indian classical music, the bagpipes in Scottish music, the kora, a 21-string harp in West Africa.

Throughout the world, there are many types of musical instruments that are popular in different areas and for different types of music.

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